newsgroup for cacti?

Cereoid* cereoid at
Wed Nov 7 09:32:15 EST 2001

With your pitiful attitude Jay Bird, it is no surprise you cannot find a

If you know absolutely nothing about Cacti_etc, either do your home work or
keep on lurking until someone far more competent does it for you. One would
think you have plenty of time on your hands to actually follow up on the
topic and have an actual informed point-of-view instead of your inane spew.
Or is it you prefer to play the fool?

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> >> Cacti_etc already
> >> serves as the official source for information
> >Official? In what way "official"?
> Why, by nature herself actually.  Just look at cactus DNA one of the
> strands spells "Listen to Ceroid for he speaks the TRUTH about
> Cacti_etc"
> Well, it does in his dreams anyway.
> Jay
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