newsgroup for cacti?

Cereoid* cereoid at
Wed Nov 7 17:07:36 EST 2001

You're correct. I shouldn't be so hard on Bruno (Psycho Cactus). He's just
young and naive. At least he knows far more about the topic than you,
Tumbling Tumbleweed. For what that's worth.

Tumbleweed <fromnews at> wrote in message
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> "Cereoid*" <cereoid at> wrote in message
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> > Great idea Bruno (Psycho Cactus)!
> >
> > A google search under spamphantom at turns up absolutely nothing!
> >
> > You other alias spamthornphantom at turned up only two!
> >
> > A search under brunoplamondon at turns up a only a single entry
> > its an obsolete link!
> >
> Oh my God Bruno, you didnt post anything, *therefore* you must by
> know nothing about cactus!! Hey, I know what, why dont see if there is
> support for a cactus news group on usenet, lurk in there a little, and
> you'll learn!
> :-)
> --
> Tumbleweed
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> newsgroups)

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