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Wed Nov 7 18:46:56 EST 2001

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>Then you computer experts should work to fix it so it is existent!

That is *precisely* what they are trying to do.
>If you really give a damn, that should be your first priority.
>Or is too difficult a problem for you guys to solve?

It is easy to solve. You set it up correctly according to the internet
protocol. That is precisely what this request for discussion was about.
If agreed that it can be set up correctly, then the problem is solved.
If the vote goes against, we will be left with an incorrectly set up
group which some servers will receive but not others - an unsatisfactory
state of affairs.
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>> [Follow-ups set - please respect them; there's no need for the entire
>> thread to be crossposted...]
>> >That's my point. Why not go with the existing rec.gardens.cacti?
>> As has been explained to you myriad times already: because, so far as
>> any properly configured news server is concerned, the "existing"
>> rec.gardens.cacti is non-existent.
>> hth hand
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