newsgroup for cacti?

Brian Watson brian at
Thu Nov 8 02:52:59 EST 2001

"Kay Easton" <kay at> wrote in message
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> In article <u7jG7.14200$JG2.1940693187 at>,
> Cereoid* <cereoid at> writes
> >Then you computer experts should work to fix it so it is existent!
> <sigh>
> That is *precisely* what they are trying to do.
> >
> >If you really give a damn, that should be your first priority.
> >
> >Or is too difficult a problem for you guys to solve?
> It is easy to solve. You set it up correctly according to the internet
> protocol. That is precisely what this request for discussion was about.
> If agreed that it can be set up correctly, then the problem is solved.
> If the vote goes against, we will be left with an incorrectly set up
> group which some servers will receive but not others - an unsatisfactory
> state of affairs.

Very succinct!



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