newsgroup for cacti?

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Thu Nov 8 02:47:43 EST 2001

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> Thank you Martin for understanding the actual problem.
> It is rather tiresome reading from those who's only interest is
> proliferating usenet and really have absolutely no interest in succulent
> plants nor what is currently available on the Internet for the cactophile.

Then give your eyes a break.

>From time to time, I have searched around for what is available via computer
for me as a cactus grower.

I have been aware of the mailing list to which you refer and quite a few
others, but none of them, either in content or style of presentation, appeal
to me sufficiently to subscribe.

Therefore I have pursued my hobby with the support of literature on the
subject (remember books?) and a local society.

I prefer newsgroups' style of presentation, as do a lot of people.

The success or otherwise of the newly-proposed one remains to be seen, of
course, but I think it is rather the opponents' rather than the proponents'
prejudice that has been evident in this debate.

> Their myopic bias is more than obvious. Most cactophiles are already happy
> with the forum they are using and the idea of a newsgroup does not appeal
> them.

That remains to be seen.

> Diversity of media is not the issue at all.

It is precisely the issue.


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