newsgroup for cacti?

bard at bard at
Tue Nov 6 14:41:36 EST 2001

Psycho Cactus wrote:
> You could not find my postings using my email "brunoplamondon at" because
> I use an other email address for newsgroups to prevent spam. Try
> "spamphantom at" or just go in rec.gardens.cacti, you'll see me there.

Okay,  it does not look much different in Usenet groups, do you use X -
archive - No sometimes?

spamphantom at  "Results 1 - 10 of about 72"

In a certain sense it does not matter the number of posts you have made
becuase discussion is about an unmoderated group.  As far  as it goes I
am on my  forth (well perhaps fith as far a google is  concerned)  email

<cuts the rest>


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