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David White dynasty.white at
Mon Nov 19 08:30:57 EST 2001

Thank you Len
I'm having more success now as this plant also goes by the name of ARROWHEAD
or at least so it seems.


"len brauer" <gardenlen at> wrote in message
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> any chance of a picture?
> the only white butterfly plant i know of from australia is 'syngonium
> podophyllum' related to philodendrons, not sure but i think there is
> some toxisity in relation to these plants.
> len
> On Mon, 19 Nov 2001 04:42:42 GMT, "David White"
> <dynasty.white at> wrote:
> >Could someone please tell me the real name for this plant. I have tryed
> >doing searches but all I seem to be able to find is the butterfly that
> >flies. I need to know if this plant is poison and how to care for it.
> >(unless it is poison) Will it harm my cat? What family of plants does it
> >come from, etc.
> >Please respond to: dynastywhite at
> >Thank you.
> >Dave
> >
> >
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