Unknown plant problem - Peperomia?

Penny Morgan PMORGAN2 at nc.rr.com
Wed Oct 3 18:51:19 EST 2001

If it's a variegated houseplant, it may be turning greener due to low
lighting.  I don't know what you have, but a pothose (not sure of the
spelling) or philodendron has yellow and green leaves and is a trailing
plant that grows aggressively in both high and low light.  It usually loses
its yellow when placed in a low light situation.  Another might be the Hoya
plant.  Take a leaf and show it to a local nursery that sells houseplants.
They will be able to identify it fast.  I work in a nursery/garden center PT
in Raleigh, NC and we have many customers that bring their plants to us for
problems or identification.  Good Luck.

Zone 7- North Carolina
Scott <shw104 at usa.net> wrote in message
news:4a112565.0110020641.11cfdb6f at posting.google.com...
> I was given this plant as a gift.  It is in an hanging basket and has
> mid-sized waxy leaves.  Every so often it gets a small flower on one
> of the stems.  The leaves are green with yellow highlighting.
> It is growing fairly fast and gets a flower once a month or so.
> Anyone have any idea what this plant is?  I'm going to get a digital
> picture and post it to this group in a few days.
> My main question is this. The leaves are loosing their yellow
> highlights and turning completely green.  When the leaves are young
> they have lots of yellow but quickly loose it.  Any idea what causes
> this?
> thanks
> Scott
> shw104 at usa.net

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