moldy plants

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Mon Oct 29 08:22:00 EST 2001

Scrape off the mold and get rid of it.  The soil is too wet or damp and
needs more air circulating to keep it from happening.  Also, try putting it
in a brighter light situation.  Plants like warmth, bright light, a good
draining soil and air circulation to do their best.  Watering is usually
once a week unless it's mulched by spanish moss or other covering and they
should drain out the bottom and dry until the following week.  I currently
have a customer that I water plants for who has plants sitting down in a
mulched indoor bed by a large window.  Unfortunately, this causes dampness
to remain in the plants for longer periods and I sometimes don't water them
for several weeks.  The air circulation is also bad, so we've lost a bunch
of ivy already, due to damp conditions.  Good Luck.

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> Hi I need help with a few house plants that have started growing mold in
> the dirt. I don't know how to get rid of it... or even why it's starting
> to grow now. I'd love some help .... Thanks... Hollie

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