Palm House Plant Leaves Browning.. HELP!

Toni Toni at
Thu Sep 6 10:55:32 EST 2001

"Heather" <heatherineverett at> wrote in message
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> Hello All-
> I am hoping you can help me with my house plant.  I am not sure
> exactly the species but it is certainly a palm, about 4 1/2 feet tall
> right now.  Anyway, I got it about a month ago and since then almost
> all the tips of the leaves have browned and now the brown is consuming
> the leaves (dying it seems).

Palms all love lots of humidity... do you ever mist it?
Or even take it outside and give it a good hosing off?
What dosage Miracle Grow? Too much is as bad as not enough.

Toni Carroll
Sunny South Florida
Zone 10

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