Looking for a special Plant!!!!!!!

noname estralita at aol.comnojunk
Sat Apr 6 02:59:31 EST 2002

I am searching for a plant that i have always known as a christ in a manger.
Everywhere i've gone i've gone to find one no one know what i refer to. Most
want to make it be a morning glory. A morning glory is a vine. This is one of
the most beautiful plants you ever want to see. In the morning the bloom opens
up just as the morning glory does, and in the evening it closes up like the
morning glory does, however the christ in a manger when it opens up in the
morning there is a part of the bloom on the insite that has a distinct look of
a baby lying in a manger. My mom had some when i was a child, and i'd really
love to find some. I'd appreciate any assistance i can find in finding these.
Thank you in advance.

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