Looking for a special Plant!!!!!!!

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Sat Apr 6 10:00:47 EST 2002

Try:  _Rhoeo_discolor_  or (_Tradescantia_discolor_), sometimes called "babe
in a cradle."

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> I am searching for a plant that i have always known as a christ in a
> Everywhere i've gone i've gone to find one no one know what i refer to.
> people
> want to make it be a morning glory. A morning glory is a vine. This is one
> the most beautiful plants you ever want to see. In the morning the bloom
> up just as the morning glory does, and in the evening it closes up like
> morning glory does, however the christ in a manger when it opens up in the
> morning there is a part of the bloom on the insite that has a distinct
look of
> a baby lying in a manger. My mom had some when i was a child, and i'd
> love to find some. I'd appreciate any assistance i can find in finding
> Thank you in advance.


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