leucodendron vs. oncoclada

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Since I am not a member of Euphorbia_etc, I am going to tell you you're all
wrong and leave it at that.

Cereusly Steve


From:  Rick Beyer <fatplantman at y...>
Date:  Mon Apr 8, 2002  5:52 pm
Subject:  Re: leucodendron vs. oncoclada

Tsuh Yang and David,

the correct name of the species is E. alluaudii, which
is synonymous with E. leucodendron. E. oncoclada has
been made a variety of E. alluaudii (E. alluaudii v.

Rick Beyer
Benicia, CA
USDA Zone 10a, Sunset Zone 17

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Date:  Sun Apr 7, 2002  9:56 pm
Subject:  RE: [Euphorbia_etc] Euphorbia leucodendron and oncoclada

Such synchronicity, I was about to ask the very same question. I have
one of both, but only the oncoclada has gone into bloom so far. But they
look virtually the same.

david at f...

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hi all,

what's the relationship between these two plants? are these two names

tsuh yang in nyc

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