Looking for a certain plant.....

Cereoid* cereoid at prodigy.net
Thu Apr 11 01:52:08 EST 2002

Some believe its Hyacinthus orientalis. The wild Hyacinthus orientalis looks
very different from the hybrids we grow today.


The problem is that the "lilies of the fields" mentioned in the Bible could
refer any wildflowers not necessarily a member of the Liliaceae.

Jodrell <SirJodrell at Hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> Hello to all.....
> I am do not know for certain if the plant really exicsts.
> It's common name would be: Lilly of the fields.
> Does anyone know the latin name ? or know if this plant actually exicsts.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Jodrell

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