Unknown species: tree sapling, probably (sub-)tropical

Andreas Neudecker zapyon at gmx.net
Mon Apr 15 06:51:10 EST 2002


I have a sapling that started growing in a pot with a Pelargonium hybrid (lemon
scented). I remember vaguely having put a seed in there (this is a habit of
mine, putting seeds just somewhere in a pot with a plant, but usually I remember
what is where).

I have put pictures and a description here:


Should you know what plant this is (or might be) I would be happy if you would
mail me at zapyon at gmx.net


The seed shell was still visible when I separated the sapling and put it in this
pot (diameter 10 cm). The seed was the size and shape of an almond in sugar
coating, i.e. longish oval shape. It was deep brown. The stem is now approx. 14
cm. The first pair of leaves makes leaf arrangment look like "opposite", but a
closer look reveals it is actually "alternate".

The leaves are of a unique pinnately compound type. The number of leaflets on
one leaf seems to be variable (one leaf has 2 leaflets the next 3). The third
leaf is only just appearing. The leaves are leathery, not soft.

I guess this is a sapling of a tropical or sub-tropical tree that grows some
sort of edible fruit and I have probably eaten one of these fruits, kept the
seed and tried to grow it. A 2nd sapling is appearing in a another pot.

Thank you


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