Unknown species: tree sapling, probably (sub-)tropical

Andreas Neudecker zapyon at gmx.net
Thu Apr 18 00:20:34 EST 2002


I received suggestion by email that the plant might be an avocado - which it is
clearly not. I added pictures of an avocado sapling to the page (see below) and
also a picture of the unknow sapling's seed.



>I have a sapling that started growing in a pot with a Pelargonium hybrid (lemon
>scented). I remember vaguely having put a seed in there (this is a habit of
>mine, putting seeds just somewhere in a pot with a plant, but usually I remember
>what is where).
>I have put pictures and a description here:
>	http://www.zapyon.de/questions-and-answers/index.html

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