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Andreas Neudecker zapyon at
Fri Apr 19 07:46:53 EST 2002


>You believe it's one of the multitude of cultivars of Solenostemon
>scutellarioides, the ornamental "Coleus".

Actually I found the plant in a book "Botanica", because I remembered it's
German name. And the latin name given for this plant was Solenostemon. Then I
searched on the web for the English name. What I found was Coleus.

>The former genus Coleus (typified by Plectranthus amboinicus) is synonymous
>with Plectranthus not Solenostemon.

Well, as I said, I looked up the latin (scientific) name of the gender first,
then checked for a common English name. I can forward you her picture, if you

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