Growing a coconut I picked up from Puerto Rico in a apartment..........

Ed ejohnson at
Sun Apr 21 17:21:12 EST 2002

In January while photographng the sites along the coast of Puerto Rico
I hear a thump and look around to see what it was and it was a coconut
that just missed me.  It is huge to me anyway being a city boy.  I
decided I was bringing home to grow it.  I got past argriculture at
the airport and thus began to get this thing growing.  I learned from
my carribbean co-workers that I neede to pot in dirt 3/4 of the height
of the shell and I have done that.  It is planted in potting soil plus
some peat moss.  It is sitting in a tray of gravel and the whole pot
and the plant is on wheels.  I had it sitting next to the radiator
with the sun rays and the hole at the top is getting smaller and
smaller.  The shape  of the coconut has changed since my initial
potting.  It appears to me as if a something is intended to shoot out
at the top but I do not see any green yet.  I was told that the hairy
part of the coconut is sitting within the hard brown shell.  Now what
I need to know what do I need to do to get "Wilbur" growing in an
apartment? Yes I named it. I am determined to get this dang coconut to


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