Getting rid of mealy bugs on a Ficus

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Sun Apr 21 21:01:40 EST 2002

Have an indoor Ficus which is 24 feet tall.  In past have used following
product in the soil to rid the tree of mealy bugs:  Dexol Tender Leaf
systemic granules, which has ingredients - Disulfoton 0.0-Diethyl
s-[2-(ethylthio) ethyl phosphorodithisate 1%, Other ingredients (not listed)
99%.  Product manufactured by Dexol, div. Verdant Brands, Bloomington MN.
I'd dig into the soil, pour about 2 tablespoon of the granules in, cover
over w/dirt, and water well.  Product worked like magic to get rid of the
bugs without spraying anything inside the house, which considering the size
of the Ficus is impractical.
Earlier this year, my local nursery informed me that this product is being
taken off the market because it was found dangerous to humans.
Does anyone know of an alternative product/method of getting rid of the
mealy bugs without wiping down each leaf, or spraying inside the house?  TIA
for your help and advice.

Emily Steed
NOSPAMCarpe-Diem at

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