Getting rid of mealy bugs on a Ficus

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Mon Apr 22 14:47:23 EST 2002

Have you used a wet rag? Carefully clean the entire plant with a wet rag
soaked in a dilute soap solution. Physically removing the critters is the
most non-toxic, thorough and cheapest method you can use. You don't need to
make this into something difficult.

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> Have an indoor Ficus which is 24 feet tall.  In past have used following
> product in the soil to rid the tree of mealy bugs:  Dexol Tender Leaf
> systemic granules, which has ingredients - Disulfoton 0.0-Diethyl
> s-[2-(ethylthio) ethyl phosphorodithisate 1%, Other ingredients (not
> 99%.  Product manufactured by Dexol, div. Verdant Brands, Bloomington MN.
> I'd dig into the soil, pour about 2 tablespoon of the granules in, cover
> over w/dirt, and water well.  Product worked like magic to get rid of the
> bugs without spraying anything inside the house, which considering the
> of the Ficus is impractical.
> Earlier this year, my local nursery informed me that this product is being
> taken off the market because it was found dangerous to humans.
> Does anyone know of an alternative product/method of getting rid of the
> mealy bugs without wiping down each leaf, or spraying inside the house?
> for your help and advice.
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