Non-toxic air cleaning houseplants?

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Sat Aug 24 20:43:53 EST 2002

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> Jacqueline (jacquelinejunk at said,
>> 2) Good air cleaners, we'd like to get a variety of plants that clean
>> a variety of things out, as we don't know what exactly the problem is
> I would invest in some actual air filters/purifiers (speaking as
> somebody who is allergic to anything that bears fruit, flower or
> fur). Sharper Image has something called the Ionic Breeze; I have two
> of them and they're phenomenal. Additionally, you could get more
> traditional air filters; I've used several types of those, as well.
> Laura

I like my Holmes HEPA air filter a lot and it fits up against any wall andis
about suitcase sized.


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