color change in coleus, chromatoghraphy, ploar chlorophyll

David Hershey dh321 at
Sun Dec 15 21:46:10 EST 2002

Here's some hints:

1. Try a search for: red cabbage anthocyanin

2. If two compounds are the same color, how could you tell them apart?

3. Consider what other pigments plants contain, their polarity
compared to chlorophyll and how the other pigments behave compared to
chlorophyll. The hint in #1 also applies here.

David R. Hershey

"Kim" <angelwings121NOSPAM at> wrote in message news:<dI1L9.16221$_S2.6348 at>...
> I need help with my bio work
> 1. After boiling a coleus leaf in water a substance cuased a color change.
> Why and what was the name of the substance?
> 2. Which is more reliable when analyzing the results of the chromatoghraphy
> lab, the color of the spot or the Rf value?
> 3.  from a plants piont of view what would happen if chlorophyll was polar?

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