Help with Calathea plant

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Jan 2 10:35:01 EST 2002

Browning round the edges usually indicates root problems--either you
are overwatering, over-fertilizing and burning the roots, or you have
salt accumulation in the soil caused by not letting the water run
freely when you do water.  Or, perhaps, your tap water is just to
salty; many houseplants are notoriously salt-sensitive, and IIRC,
Calathea is one of them.  Try distilled or deionized water.  Nothing
will revive the leaves already toasted, but you may be able to rescue
the plant.

M. Reed

lookingforit wrote:
> I have a sick plant. It came from a friend months ago, and for the last 10
> or so weeks, has lost it's zip.
> The leaves are turning brown at theoutside edges and no new leaves are
> growing. I repotted it four
> weeks ago, using potting soil and a six-inch pot. I loosened the rootball. I
> water it every other day and
> I am using plant foor spikes according to the directions. It's not improving
> and not getting measurably worse.
> This plant was a gift to mark the death of my dog, so I'd like to keep it
> alive. Any suggestions or comments?
> Much appreciated. Thank you.
> When replying, please reply to lookingforit at . Thank you.

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