Botanical missing link identified, says report on plant genealogy

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Sun Jan 6 11:26:39 EST 2002

"Moll McCarty" <mollymc at> wrote in message news:<4BnX7.146867$RP1.28919430 at>...
> For one thing, Master Wheeler, the plural of Cactus is NOT cactus. The
> plural of Cactus is Cacti. Look it up before you decide to publish yet
> another psuedo scientific paper on the Internet, as though you knew it all.
> Now, i will resume reading the rest of what you have written. In that, in my
> lifetime, I have not yet been afforded a scientific backround in the Natural
> Sciences as "detailed" as yours, I quite enjoy the reading of it, from your
> head to mine, as it were.
Sorry Moll. Indeed it should be cacti. However, the words were not
mine. I merely reported what was published in The Oregonian. Your
attention to detail is to be commended. May I suggest a letter to the

Daniel B. Wheeler

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