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Alwynne B. Beaudoin abeaudoi at
Wed Jan 9 00:50:42 EST 2002

       I would like to draw your attention to a new bibliographic
that I have added to my web page at
       This listing consists of Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental
within the SCAPE study area (western interior Canada and northern US)
adjacent areas. Not all sites are lakes; some are peatlands, wetlands,
fens, or bogs. Many sites have yielded pollen data, but the listing
includes sites where plant macroremains, diatoms, and algal pigments
been investigated. The references included for each site are the main
with primary data or detailed  discussions. So far, the listing
consists of
337 sites and 324 citations.
        I'd be glad to receive any comments or feedback on this
resource, or to have my attention drawn to errors, or significant
sites or
references I have missed.
        With best regards (and apologies for cross-posting),

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