Yukka Question

Jon Hill jon.hill at virgin.net
Fri Jan 18 15:10:30 EST 2002

This is the exact meter I have: http://egardendepot.com/lusleafrapli.html

Here's something very similar showing how it is used.:

I'm not really sure what you mean by hydroculture, but I'm guessing this is
when plants are grown in just nutrient rich liquid or goo? The instructions
tell me to insert the probe mid-way between the plant stem and pot edge, or
a third of the way out if the pot is more than 30cm. Pretty clear evidence
it is designed for soil.

Still don't know what reading is correct for my yucca. I would throw in some
suggestions from the list, but I'm so ill informed about plants, that I
don't know what is similar. I have a feeling a yucca is a sort of palm (?),
but palm isn't in the list anyway :-(


"Schildkroate" <Schildkroate at gmx.de> wrote in message
news:a29otf$qan$03$1 at news.t-online.com...
> are you sure you didn't buy a moisturemeter for hydroculture?? i never
> of something like that for normal potting soil (?)

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