Tina tina.laitinen at
Wed Jul 3 12:57:28 EST 2002

My step mom would like to know if anyone knows the name of this plant and if
she can get it from anywhere.  She sent me a description.  Here it is.

Its kinda hard to Mexico...on the rooftops...they grow a small is a form of roots...lives of its own
moisture...about 1/4 in diameter rounder than a is sectioned off
like an know when it goes into 1/4 s  X...when it blooms...all
it gets is a cactus flower from the centre...unfortunatley I haven t got a
clue to the name of it...but have seen them

A toonie in case anyone is wonder is a 2 dollar coin.  We use em here in
Canada.   If you happen to know the name please let me know so I can relay
the information to my step mother.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


"Cats view on humans: "No fur, no paws, no tail.  They run away from
mice.  They never get enough sleep.  How can you help but love such an
absurd animal?"

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