[England south] Browning off of tomato plants.

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Sat Jul 13 13:33:43 EST 2002

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> Richard Brooks <richardbrooks at kdbanglia.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> >Has anyone else had this symptom which I have usually only seen in
> >
> >Is it the dreaded blight taking hold in the typical grey summers we seem
> >be getting?
> I used to think my tomato plants were getting blight, but then I
> realized that the  symptoms also resembled magnesium deficiency.
> I started putting some epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) in a bucket
> of water and giving each plant a liter or so every few weeks, and the
> results were pretty impressive.  I've read that high levels of calcium
> in the soil can make magnesiumn less available, and my garden has a
> lot of broken concrete and plaster in it, so that may be one reason
> for a Mg deficiency.
> I've got no idea whether this is your problem, but it couldn't hurt
> to try it.

I'll try that Beverly,  thanks for that!


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