Wonder Where Everyone Is?

Cereoid+1+ cereoid at prodigy.net
Fri Jul 26 19:39:55 EST 2002

Would like to see a list of these "die hard" Gardenweb sponsors. If they got
enough complaints about the evil antics of Spike and how their being
associated with the creep actually hurts their business, they should wise up
and drop their contracts with him. If Spike has no sponsors, he will be out
of business. Its just that simple.

Spread the word around about the BAN on Gardenweb!

Add the addresses of as many gardening newsgroups to mailing list for this
thread as you can.

Lets all show Spike exactly where everyone else is and where we stand!!

Alice Gamewell <rgamewell2 at earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:3D41D464.1B4051C2 at earthlink.net...
> I agree with you.  More people need to write to sponsors  telling them
> opinion of the web site.  I did that. I wrote a letter to every garden web
> sponosr about Spikes
> censorship.  A lot of them replied back saying that  they will not renew
> contract with him.  A lot of sponsors have poor opinions of him.  But then
> have the die hards who insist they need the exposure.  Maybe if more
> write the Sponsors aboutr Spike they will realize they may not be getting
> much company exposure as they think.  At least not exposure to the "real
> gardeners" as implied.
> Cereoid+1+ wrote:
> > The gardenweb consists MOSTLY of naive newbies that have yet to be
> > and long time retards that openly kiss Spike's ass. All one has to do is
> > view the ridiculous series of replies and feeble guesses to questions
> > to the forums to see how worthless and pathetic Gardenweb really is.
> > who is genuinely knowledgeable will be soon perceived to be a threat by
> > Spike and will quickly be banned by his autocratic highness. The free
> > exchange of information is a threat to his arbitrary little kingdom.
> >
> > What is really needed is an outright BAN of Gardenweb and informing all
> > Gardenweb sponsors what a bastard Spike really is and how he will hurt
> > business.
> >
> > nan <avenasativa at hotmail.com> wrote in message
> > news:7a3c5bc8.0207260603.751831e4 at posting.google.com...
> > > If the gardenweb is intent on screening out the so-called bad ones,
> > > and if I am considered to be one of those, I would hate to see what
> > > his idea of an allowable poster" may be.
> > >
> > > I had overturned my disney status, but was quickly redisneyed for no
> > > apparent reason, none pertaining to any of his rules. I did not break
> > > any moral rules that he may have had either. A quick temper may be
> > > what he had.
> > >
> > > Although good money has been spent just to access the internet I find
> > > that to be subjected to tantrums of a webmaster is not worth the
> > > hassle. The gardenweb is now run with the idea that if you please the
> > > "members", preferably the contributing members, that it will go on,
> > > with every imaginable forum one could ever dream up. Gone are the days
> > > of basic garden questions - they can now count the petals on their
> > > salvias and report them to the salvia forum.
> > >
> > > nan
> > >
> > > Alice Gamewell <rgamewell2 at earthlink.net> wrote in message
> > news:<3D40B896.3BA236E3 at earthlink.net>...
> > > > No Garden web for me.  If Spike(the owner I believe)  does not like
> > > > post he bars you from usingf the site.  Using the cookies on your
> > > > computor, he sends you over to Disney.com.  No bad posts.  Once on
> > > > of his referral sites someone asked where they could locate a
> > > > product.  I  posted a response.  He sent me a nasty e-mail back
> > > > he did not like the company.  I was banned to Disney.
> > > > Another time, I posted an intresting article from RAFI.  Rafi is a
> > > > of concerned scienists discussing environmental concerns. He didnt
> > > > that either and banned me to Disney.  His rules for using his site
> > > > followed.  I for one do not believe in using a site where free
speech is
> > > > denied and only his opinions and feelings are first.  That is not a
> > > > discussion group.  It is a censored group.
> > > >
> > > > "Gardenweb Fan!" wrote:
> > > >
> > > > > Come to www.gardenweb.com, where the REAL gardeners hang out!

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