Princess' fingers -- what is it?

Cereoid+1+ cereoid at
Mon Jul 29 12:05:55 EST 2002

It is yet another worthless fanciful name somebody made up that is not very
helpful for identifying a plant. We can only hope the name never catches on.
Posting a picture would be most helpful.

Richard R. Losch <rrl at> wrote in message
news:3d449dd0_3 at nopics.sjc...
> I was recently given a fascinating hanging succulent called "princess'
> fingers." I have never seen one before, and I can't find anything on the
> internet about it. The leaves are about 2 cm long, light green, and
> banana-shaped. They are attached to long hanging stems in a fern-like
> conformation. There was no information with the plant about care. Can
> tell me more about it and how it should be cared for? Thanks.

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