Identification Help Please

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Mon Jul 29 17:15:20 EST 2002

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CJenks <cjenks4 at> wrote:
>Can anyone help identify the wild climbing vine shown in the attached photo?
>It has a small yellow flower and an orange seed pod that contains bright red
>gelatinous seeds.  It grows in abundance here in the central Gulf Coast area
>of Florida.

It's a Chinese vegetable in the Curcurbitaceae family sometimes called
bitter melon or foo gwa.  Anyhow, you eat it when it's still green and
nearly full size.  It's quite bitter so it's generally mixed with other
ingredients and is a bit of an acquired taste.

The scientific name is Momordica charantia.  Here's a page with a lot of
links:  Some damn it as a weed, some praise
it as a crop, some hail its medicinal value...

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