Plant that smells like semen? Seriously.

Blair blair863 at
Tue Jun 4 00:32:59 EST 2002

Looking at this close-up picture I found on a Google images search,

tells me that it is not the Lavender angustifolia.

More information though:
The flowers are spiky (unlike this photo) and are actually a bit closer to
blue than true purple. And the plant is LOUSY with bees right now! At any
one time there must be at least 20-30 bees in it.

Any other ideas?

"Karl B" <n8crwlr at> wrote in message
news:h0WK8.5782$t%5.2366172 at
> I wonder if you are talking about Lavandula angustifolia aka: English
> lavender. I am not sure of the smell, but do a search on this plant and
> if it is what you are looking for.
> "Blair" <blair863 at> wrote in message
> news:gaTK8.102409$%y.10884110 at
> > Just out of curiousity, my wife and I have a plant in the front yard of
> > house we're renting that smells exactly like, well, male semen. I've
> > other people mention this sort of plant before but I'm not sure what it
> > called. It's got tiny purple spiky flowers on it. I'm pretty sure I
> smelled
> > it in high concentrations in Greece.
> >
> > Does anyone know the name of this plant?
> >
> >

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