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> : > > Hello... I have a question about plants.  I live in FL
> in a condo by the
> : > > beach and it is pretty smelly around here.
> : >
> : > I keep looking at this thread and wanting to say
> something, but I was not
> : > sure what until this moment:
> : >
> : > WHY is it stinky there? Dead fish? Polluted water? No
> ocean breezes to
> : > wash the decay smell away? I am confused. Still, close
> air is not my
> : > impression of beach life. Can you enlighten me?
> : >
> : >
> : >
> :
> :
> : Alright... I live in Cape Canaveral... Next to Port
> Canaveral.  So you got
> : the smell of the gasses and oil stations.  Plus all the
> other crap there.
> : There is tar all over the beach which makes the sand a
> dark color.  (near
> : cocoa beach).  There is always the smell of salty fishy
> ocean air.  The air
> : quality is not too good here in FL compared to other
> states in the US.  (you
> : can find the data on the internet).   You got the smell of
> the reclaimed
> : water sprinklers in my development that smells like
> sulpher.  (they do this
> : to save water which is now very precious in FL).  I don't
> live in a bad
> : neighborhood.  I live in a very expensive gated community.
> That's just the
> : way it smells and feels in FL.  Someday when its cooler
> and clear it may be
> : a little bit better.  It was one of the many sacrifices
> that I made when I
> : chose to move here from MD.  I would much rather live in
> MD though if I was
> : not going to school.  Like I always say... its a nice
> place to visit but not
> : to live.  For living it is best for older people who cant
> take on the
> : additional responsability.  Here in FL its cheap, easy
> weather for older
> : folks and especially in this gated community where
> everything is done for
> : you.  ex. lawnmowing, painting and all that other
> maintenance jazz.
> : unnng... I could go on... but that would be getting more
> off poing.  So
> : yes... it can get a little stinky down here especially if
> it is 90-100
> : degrees and you don't want to open up the windows so that
> the A/C will get
> : out.
> :
> : John
> :
> That's interesting. My sister lives near Cocoa Beach and I
> have not seen any of the phenomena you describe. What beach
> is it that has tar on it?
> When outside, there is sometimes the ocean smell, but if you
> are inside with the A/C on, as you seem to suggest, there is
> no smell.
> Two words ... scented candles.
> Darlene
> Tampa FL

Scented candles?  hmmm... Well... in my development and many others near the
beach, they have brushes next to the showers to wash it off your
sandals/shoes.  I remember when I first came down here I trailed some in the
house and I saw black goo/gunk on the carpet where I walked.  It sure is
sticky.  It left some pretty bad stains.  So you have not heard of
reconstituted water for sprinklers or any of the other "phenomena" I said
earlier?  Well anyways,  I was just wondering if plants inside a house would
make a stuffy house smell more fresh.  Perhaps I shouldn't of mentioned the
smelliness of the area where I live.  ehhh... my nose might not of yet
gotten used to it.  Oh Oh! what about that Sea Ray boat plant?  It puts out
the most rechit plastic burning smell in the world!  God that sucks when I
drive past it!  I know that I was pampered with good air when i lived up in
the mountains of MD.


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