Common name plant capitalization?

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Wed Jun 12 22:28:42 EST 2002

Hi -

I got this email from a friend but I really don't know what to tell her. 
I've done some searching on the web to see if I could find out standards 
for common names without success.  I tend to capitalize common names 

"I have a quick Botany question for you. When you are writing about a plant
using its common name, do you capitalize it at all? For example, when I'm
writing about poison ivy, I don't need to use a cap for the "p" do I? It's
only when you're using the Scientific name? Genus is capitalized and
species is not.  Am I right about this? We're working on replacing the
signs out at Yankauer and I want to make sure we're accurate."

Opinions regarding the answer to this q. would be appreciated.

-- Kathy Bilton
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