Plant grapefruit tree in Maryland?

Cereoid+1 cereoid at
Sat Jun 22 20:47:30 EST 2002

No, it would not survive the winter outdoors in Maryland.

Prune the tree back to a manageable size so you can bring it indoors again
for the winter.

Jim <nightlog at> wrote in message
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> I have a grapefruit tree that is about seven feet tall that I grew from
> seed.  The "four trunks" are between one and one-half inches in diameter
> each.  I take it indoors during the winter months.  Do you think it would
> survive if I planted it in my well-lit backyard in Maryland?  Any
> recommendations along those lines as it is getting too big to haul in and
> out of the house.
> Thanks for reading my post.

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