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> the plant is in a 10" diameter pot.
> > Looks like your spath needs less H2O.  When a spath doesn't get enough,
> > goes limp.  They do like water though.  Just not toooo much.  How big of
> > pot is it in?  I can give you an idea of how much to water it.
> >
> > A spath can tolerate low or medium light.
> >
> > You can trim the edges off of the leaf so that it looks better.
> >
> > Good luck!
> > C~*
> >
> >

With Spaths, you take the diameter of the pot and count to that number when
you are watering.  1 one thousand 2 one thousand...  Up to 10.  If it were a
15" pot, you would count to 15.  This count is perfect if you are watering
with a 2.5 gallon waterer (think of the opening in the spout).  If you are
watering with something  smaller, raise the count from 10 to about 16.
After watering, the Spath should be standing in H2O.  Make sure you are
watering once a week.  The Spath should never go dry, but if it does, it
will let you know and should spring right back with some extra water.
This counting thing sounds kind of simple, but it insures that your plant is
getting the right amount of H2O every time.

Good luck!

(if that was confusing, let me know;-))

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