Some Carnivourous Plant Questions

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Tue Nov 5 09:22:35 EST 2002

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> I have a venus fly trap, which I've had for about 2 months now.  It's
> doing very well, and now appears to be putting out a flower.  Is this
> usual for the UK in winter?
> I also have a pitcher planet (nepenthes) which is doing suspiciously
> well too.
> They are both on an east-facing window ledge in a nice warm
> double-glazed (& steamy) bathroom.
> Can anyone advise  me about how regular I should be feeding these?
> cheers
> -L:)

Neither plant needs feeding, as they are surprisingly successful at catching
any passing flies, wasps etc.
I would move the venus flytrap to a cooler environment as it needs to become
dormant for the winter. If it stays too warm it will eventually become
weaker and die. The flower stalk should also be removed as that can weaken
the plant as well. The nepenthes if it is happy can stay where it is. This
species does not become dormant.
Also reduce the watering for the venus flytrap. Allow the saucer it is
standing in to dry out between watering.

Hope that helps!



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