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>> I have a venus fly trap, which I've had for about 2 months now.  It's
>> doing very well, and now appears to be putting out a flower.  Is this
>> usual for the UK in winter?
>> I also have a pitcher planet (nepenthes) which is doing suspiciously
>> well too.
>> They are both on an east-facing window ledge in a nice warm
>> double-glazed (& steamy) bathroom.
>> Can anyone advise  me about how regular I should be feeding these?
>> cheers
>> -L:)
>Neither plant needs feeding, as they are surprisingly successful at catching
>any passing flies, wasps etc.
>I would move the venus flytrap to a cooler environment as it needs to become
>dormant for the winter. If it stays too warm it will eventually become
>weaker and die. The flower stalk should also be removed as that can weaken
>the plant as well. The nepenthes if it is happy can stay where it is. This
>species does not become dormant.
>Also reduce the watering for the venus flytrap. Allow the saucer it is
>standing in to dry out between watering.
>Hope that helps!
Hi Bill

Thanks for the advice. I'll find somewhere else for the venus.  The
nepenthes is a very beautiful and fascinating plant - a few of the
pitchers have exuded a sticky sweet-smellling juice - smells just like

Nice site too, I shall add it to my favourites!



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