Some Carnivourous Plant Questions

bill sherren wb.sherren at
Thu Nov 7 08:05:25 EST 2002

"lorisarvendu" <loris at anon> wrote in message
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> Can I quickly pester you again?  When the pitchers start shrivelling
> on nepenthes ( a couple of them have, from the top down  - very slowly
> I might add), should I allow them to shrivel up on their own, or
> remove them beforehand?  The pitchers are empty of liquid, so I'm
> assuming that's been absorbed back in.
> cheers
> -L:)

I would let the whole pitcher shrivel up before you need to remove it. I
usually leave it until the tendril has dried up as well. Only if I see any
signs of mould do I remove it sooner.



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