Venus flytrap/Dionea Muscipula

Morten Gulev morteng at
Sun Oct 6 12:31:54 EST 2002

Hello group

I am new to your newsgroup, so I hope I have found the right place :-)

I have a venus flytrap, as I have had many times before.  However, I have
never been able to make it survive until spring.  I have tried to slowly
stop watering it na dputting it in the fridge for three months, but when I
introduce it to  spring weather again, the rhizome rots.

I have read that I can take the rhizome out, klip all the leaves off, dip it
in a fungicide and then put it in the frezzer.  That all seems a little
extravagant.  Does anyone have any good "simple" advice on what to do?

Thanx, Morten

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