Venus flytrap/Dionea Muscipula

Robert Gummi smachaga at
Mon Oct 7 08:05:58 EST 2002

Hi Morten,

Morten Gulev wrote:
> extravagant.  Does anyone have any good "simple" advice on what to do?

I have them inhouse in winter. They look terrible, but in spring they grow 
again. It's important to use water without any salts (clean rain water or 
deionized water), to keep the temperature well below 15 degree Celsius and 
the substrate humid but not wet. Bigger flowerpots (than the ones they're 
sold in) might also help.

It is possible to keep them green at higher temperatures, but they need much 
light. With 10 hours bright artificial light they should be fine, but it 
has to be the right light. No light bulbs, no halogen... better HQI/HCI 
(expensive!) or fluorescent tube (AFAIK color: 860). Fluorescent tubes need 
a very small distance to the plants (~30cm ?). 



Feel free to correct my English (choice of words, spelling...)

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