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Postdoc position offer

A postdoc position is available in the team of Stephane Blanc of the INRA Research Station of Comparative Pathology, located at Saint Christol-lez-Ales in Southern France. The team’s research focuses on transmission of cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) and uses molecular biological, cell biological and structural biological approaches to uncover the mechanisms, regulation, and evolution of CaMV transmission by its aphid vector.
Among our projects are the determination of the mutation and recombination rate of CaMV. Both mutation and recombination frequency appear to be extremely high in CaMV populations, even after one single cycle of infection of a host plant. From these frequency data, in order to calculate the mutation and the recombination rate, it is crucial to precisely determine the kinetics and the rate of the replication cycle of CaMV, two parameters not known for any plant virus.
We are looking for a postdoc ready to tackle this question by infecting protoplasts with wild type and replicase-deficient CaMV in order to find out the duration of the replication cycle of CaMV. Quantitative PCR, Immunodetection, and electron microscopy to detect and quantify progeny virus particles are some of the methods to be used. The experiments will be complemented by in vivo studies of plants agroinfiltrated or inoculated with CaMV. In addition to classical cell biology and molecular biology skills, experience in protoplasts preparation would be most appreciated.

The applicants must be under 35 and citizen of a NON-European Union country. Young researchers already in a French lab are not eligible.

This postdoc position is available as of 1 December 2002 and until January 2003. Initial funding is for one year with the possibility to prolong for another two years. The yearly salary is about 22.200 € net depending on the status of the candidate.
For all further information, please contact Stephane Blanc at Station de Recherches de Pathologie Comparee INRA-CNRS-UMII, 30380 St. Christol-lez-Ales, France, 
e-mail blanc at
tel. +33 4 66 78 37 15, fax +33 4 66 52 46 99.

DEAD-LINE for receiving application is the 1 November 2002

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