Postdoc, Molecular Biology

Yean-Sung Jung yj29 at
Tue Oct 29 13:48:40 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Associate in Molecular Biology

A position is immediately available for postdoctoral scientist to study
[Fe-S] proteins and novel oxidative stress response system in Azotobacter
vinelandii.  Our interests in [Fe-S] proteins are; i) how polypeptide
controls the redox potential of the [Fe-S] cluster, and ii) how [Fe-S]
clusters are assembled in [Fe-S] proteins.  The project on the novel
oxidative stress response system is to investigate the mechanism of
Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E1/Ferredoxin I regulation in response to
increase in intracellular superoxide level.

Ideal candidate should have strong background on these techniques on
Molecular Biology; cloning, recombinant protein expression, site-directed
mutagenesis, gel mobility shift assay and DNA and RNA analysis (Northern
and Southern). 
Please send curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of three
references by Jan. 15th, 2003 to; 

Dr. Yean-Sung Jung
P.O. Box 9650
402, Dorman Hall
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Tel. No.) 665-325-2763 
E-mail) yj29 at

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