Yellowing leaves on Kalanchoe succulent

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Mon Sep 9 13:26:38 EST 2002

Its likely to mean that the plant is shedding its oldest leaves before the
coming of winter.

Leaves are temporary structures, even for succulent plants. After a season
of two, even leaf succulents shed their oldest leaves.

Kalanchoe tomentosa is an evergreen leaf succulent dwarf shrub.

Russell Allen <russell_allen at> wrote in message
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> Hiya folks,
> I'm looking after a houseplant for a friend, and as far as I can discern
> it's a Kalanchoe Tomentosa (pussy ears).  Basically it's a succulent.  But
> it had been left unwatered for a few days, and the leaves around the
> of the plant are becoming yellow at their tips spreading inwards.  What's
> this likely to mean?  Overwatering on my part, signs of previous
> underwatering, not enough or too much direct sun?
> Cheers in advance,
> Russell

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