fish/animals organs for human transplants

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Wed Jan 8 03:53:57 EST 2003

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> Unless you are asking about plant parts for human transplants, you are in
> the wrong newsgroup.
> BTW, Would you rather have a chicken liver or beef liver implant?
> Probably depends on whether you want fried onions or bacon to go with it?
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> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> > Animal and fish organs :
> > I am looking for case-studies, projections, perspectives, books,
> > existing industries, breed-applications...etc. concerning fish-
> > and other animal organs for human medical transplantations.
> > Somebody can help me ?
> > Paul
My questions is a serious question. I like to start a
clean-farm for this items with a rapid helicopter-service to
service hospitals, universities...etc. So, I do not
need the organs for myself.
If you say, this newsgroup is not the right one, which is
it as well ?
Ic Dien (means...I am servicing...)

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