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>I have been looking around buying my seeds for the year and I always buy
>caster oil seeds, but they seem to have been removed of the shelves in the
>UK because of the terrorists, and the production of ricin.
>Any ideas what plant could replace it for my conservatory, (I like large
>foliage,)  which is unheated in the winter. I usually get it to flower
>before it dies of the cold. I would like to grow it from seed, as it is
>cheaper than buy plants.

The other plants I've seen used as spot foliage plants in bedding, in
the same way as Ricinus, are Cannas and variegated Abutilons (A.
'Thompsonii' and A. 'Souvenir de Bonn'). The Abutilons are borderline
hardy in the UK; they'll survive in a warm microclimate. I assume that
they're propagated from cuttings, and from the large numbers planted as
easily so propagated.

If you're after large foliage, perhaps Musella would do the trick.
Stewart Robert Hinsley

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