Castor oil beens seeds no longer

Roy royhaynes at
Fri Jan 24 16:23:49 EST 2003

Many thanks Monique I will start looking for the seeds I do like something
large, many thanks for your tip.
"Monique Reed" <monique at> wrote in message
news:3E3159A1.11B35BE7 at
> Candlestick Senna (Senna alata) doesn't look a thing like Ricinus, but
> it grows very tall, has big pinnately compound leaves, and produces
> lots of very nice yellow flowers.  If you're looking for something
> lush and tropical, it will suit. It should do well in an unheated
> glasshouse, if there is enough light.
> Monique Reed
> Roy wrote:
> >
> > I have been looking around buying my seeds for the year and I always buy
> > caster oil seeds, but they seem to have been removed of the shelves in
> > UK because of the terrorists, and the production of ricin.
> > Any ideas what plant could replace it for my conservatory, (I like large
> > foliage,)  which is unheated in the winter. I usually get it to flower
> > before it dies of the cold. I would like to grow it from seed, as it is
> > cheaper than buy plants.
> > Roy

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