Castor oil beens seeds no longer

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Fri Jan 24 16:28:56 EST 2003

I think what Monique has suggested would be better as I want something large
to fill the conservatory,
Candlestick Senna (Senna alata) it sounds a good replacement for caster oil
plant, as I want something large, and the flowers are tempting. Many thanks.
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> >I have been looking around buying my seeds for the year and I always buy
> >caster oil seeds, but they seem to have been removed of the shelves in
> >UK because of the terrorists, and the production of ricin.
> >Any ideas what plant could replace it for my conservatory, (I like large
> >foliage,)  which is unheated in the winter. I usually get it to flower
> >before it dies of the cold. I would like to grow it from seed, as it is
> >cheaper than buy plants.
> The other plants I've seen used as spot foliage plants in bedding, in
> the same way as Ricinus, are Cannas and variegated Abutilons (A.
> 'Thompsonii' and A. 'Souvenir de Bonn'). The Abutilons are borderline
> hardy in the UK; they'll survive in a warm microclimate. I assume that
> they're propagated from cuttings, and from the large numbers planted as
> easily so propagated.
> If you're after large foliage, perhaps Musella would do the trick.
> --
> Stewart Robert Hinsley

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