Houseplant problems...

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Fri Jan 31 03:58:57 EST 2003

Would appear your bigger problem is cross posting with rec.gardens!!

You not only have a fungus but fungus gnats too!!!

Use a real insecticide and a fungicide.

Typically it is caused by using a soil mix that is not sterile.

John Doe <halogen8 at> wrote in message
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> My plants seem to have this fungus growing on the top of the soil.  It
> appears as a white powder in splotches around the soil.  Here are pictures
> to better explain:
> I am also having problems with gnats, that I think hatched in the soil,
> are now flying all around the apartment.  I have tried spraying soapy
> on the top of the soil, but no luck.  Anyone know what caused these or how
> to get rid of them?
> Thanks!

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