problem with black fly

dave devilgas at
Fri Jan 31 07:26:42 EST 2003

re yellow sticky traps.....

just found out what they are!

yellow card smeared with something sticky...e.g. no need to
answer that one.

cheers, dave

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> hi beverly. thanks for the reply.
> fungus gnats. makes perfect sense as the soil is a touch on the fungusy
> side. will try the sand method some time next week.
> the yellow sticky traps you mention.....are they commonly available? fwiw,
> like in the you know of any brand names etc that i may look out for?
> once again, thanks for the reply.
> dave
> >
> > You've probably got fungus gnats, which live on decaying organic matter
> > in the soil.  You can control them by keeping the soil, especially the
> > surface soil, drier, or covering the soil with a cm or two of plain
> > The flies are reluctant to lay eggs in dry or poor soils.
> >
> > There are also some biological and chemical products that are listed for
> > fungus gnats, but to save money and avoid pesticides, try the dry
> > route first.
> >
> > If you need to get the number of adults down fast, e.g. your co-workers
> > are complaining, fungus gnats are attracted to the yellow sticky traps
> > sold to control white flies even more than white flies are.
> >

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